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Venas en Piernas
Venas en cara
Manchas vinotinto

Bye to veins on face and legs!

Many people have veins on face and legs, or redness or rosaceous and they ignore that there are places where they can treat these vascular problems that haunt them both with a laser. It is time to solve them in Laser Skin Clinic!

Our clinic is a leader in Panamá and Latin America in removal of vascular lesions, and is the only one with various types of vascular lasers, which ensures removal of almost all vascular lesions such as small veins on the face and legs ( telangietesias), medium (venalectasias) in lower extremities, hemangiomas, red wine stains, nevus of ruby, etc.
Due to the size of the vessels, color and configuration, you can not treat all the veins and vascular diseases with a single laser since it requires several lasers and techniques that are available only in specialized clinics such as  Laser Skin Clinic.

Face lesions:

    Removal of spider veins
Rosacea Removal
    Removal of Hemangiomas
    Removal of Red Wine Stains
    Removal of nevus of Ruby (red spots)

How does the laser work?

The laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light; it is a green light produced by our laser and it is the key to the effect on venous injury.

The red color of blood found in blood vessels absorbs green light. The laser seals the vein and closes it and the vessel is absorbed by the body, thus disappearing.

Unlike other laser equipment, that closing the vein can leave a burn on the skin, our lasers have a device that cools the skin, protecting and preventing it from burning during the treatment.

What to Expect from theTreatment?

The laser
treatment for telangiectasia of the face depends on the number, size and depth of the veins. Most patients require approximately 1-3 sessions. The prognosis is excellent and the improvement is between 80-90%. The sessions are conducted in our clinic, spacing between 6-8 weeks.
The laser is not painful, it seems like little taps with a rubber eraser. Most patients do not require anesthesia. If needed it is placed topical or local anesthesia.

After the treatment the appearance of the treated area varies from person to person, depending on how intense the treatment is. These include: redness, small scabs or slight pain disappear in a short time.

The results are amazing and after the treatment, the skin recovers its natural color.

lesions in the face: Removal of spider veins, Rosaceous, hyperemia or areas in pink and ruby Nevus (moles).

Over the years, and photo-aging, two types of injury appear on the face:

Veins Located: red or purple from 1cm in diameter
    Pink areas: They consist of microscopic capillaries that make it appear rosy.
    Nevus in Ruby: They are known as red spots. These require two sessions and the results are excellent.

The veins on the face, red or purple, require several lasers for removal. In our clinic we have several lasers to remove them, with results up to 80 to 90% and about 3 sessions. The veins in nostrils require several lasers and may, even, be eventually reopened.

The redness or hyperemia or pink areas, as well as the pink can be effectively treated with pulsed lasers and high power lights. The treatment is quick, painless and has no disability. The sessions required can be 3-6 or so.

Vascular lesions in legs:

These are the veins in the legs that can be treated with laser:

Telangiectasia: are small veins of light red or purple colors, these are also flat from 0.2 to 1.0 mm in diameter.
    Reticular veins - Venulectasias: dark blue or green, usually 1-3 mm in diameter.
    Removal of hemangiomas
    Leg veins are treated with three different types of lasers, according to the skin color and the color of the vessel.
    Varicose veins of blue-green color and with a larger diameter of more than 4 mm and flow may require endovascular surgery.

The first three are treated with three different types of lasers, according to the skin color and the color of the vessel. To treat leg veins; it is required to use multiple lasers according to size, color and depth of the veins of legs.
The number of sessions ranges from 2-4 or so. The interval between the sessions is from 4 to 8 weeks. No disability.

Hemagiomas and Red Wine Stains:

Hemangiomas: they are red or red wine tumors, which appear in children from 3 to 10%. These are characterized by rapid growth and are made up of vascular disorders that are represented through many vessels of different size and rapid growth. Although, eventually, the hemangiomas can stop growing, they can leave large aesthetics deformations and may affect the functioning of certain organs; and the immediate treatment of these is critical, even, with appropriate lasers.

According to the characteristics of the lesion, our clinic uses (3) different types of lasers to remove them.


Red wine stains (PWS): are malformations that are caused by a lack of total or partial development of nerves around blood vessels. They can be flat or ecstasied. (Protruding the surface of the skin, IN OTHER WORDS HIGH).

They are usually formed by vessels of different diameters; therefore, they require several types of lasers for being treated such as, 532 nm, 1064 nm, 585 and 980nm.

Our clinic is the only one with several types of vascular lasers to treat these diseases; since the vessels, according to the diameter, require different wavelengths for their treatment.
In most cases it is achieved the complete removal of these lesions and, on the other hand, there are substantial improvements of the lesion between 70 to 80%. The number of sessions varies according to each injury.

The treatment of veins and vascular lesions are safe and effective, and minimal care is required.



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